Marco Rountree

(b. 1982 Mexico City)

artist's bio

Marco Rountree Cruz’s entire career has been built as a practical answer to the question: Who is an artist? What does an artist do? In Marco’s specific case his being self-taught is fundamental to understanding the idea of the artist’s calling. His attention is directed to all kinds of things: small and big, important and trivial, and it is through the mixing and transformation of these things that his practice as a visual artist earns its meaning.

In his use of everyday things and materials he intentionally “upgrades” them to transform them into decorative objects. For Rountreee it is indeed the concept of ornamentation what turns a common object or a trivial material into a special one, what brings it out of its natural environment and inserts it into the art field. 


He defines himself as a self-taught artist. His practice includes drawing, sculpture, installation, video and architectural interventions. He has taken part in various collective and solo shows, among them: Proyecto del Jardín Botánico, Culiacán Sinaloa curated by Patrick Charpenel, 2010; Nothing less and the being, Colección Jumex, curated by Shamim Momin; Formas literarias. Segunda Trienal poligráfica de San Juan, (Puerto Rico) curated by Jens Hoffman, 2007; Yak, La Planta. Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) curated by Michel Blancsubé, 2008; This is not a void, Galería Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo (Brazil) curated by; An unruly history of the readymade, Colección Jumex, (Mexico City) curated by Jessica Morgan. His work is included in important public and private collections.