Miguel Fernández de Castro

(b. 1986 Sonora, Mexico)

artist's bio

Miguel Fernández de Castro’s practice is developed through long term projects that involve writing, video and photography. He turns to ideas that revolve around the possibilities of geological language to set in motion a critical reflection on phenomena such as erosion and sedimentation. Then he sets these in relation to processes of circulation and displacement derived from drug trafficking in Northeastern Mexico. His installations and photographs are an extension of his Instagram and Twitter feeds which the artist understands and uses within a specific dynamic of publication and socialization of the work. He displays images and texts in a non-linear sequence that include historical and political events, associative routes that lead to the development of a concept he calls narcology. A familiar sounding notion that remains nonetheless ambiguous in epistemological terms. Fernández de Castro analyses a territory that allows him to question different current economic processes, from the routes of mobilization of illegal merchandize to the displacement of cattle. These processes not only determine the way of life for the people involved, but more importantly, redefine in the medium and long-term different geographical aspects in the territory itself.