Javier Hinojosa

(b. 1974 Mexico City)

artist's bio

Javier Hinojosa’s practice begins with the act of walking the city as a research method, he focuses in the observation of emerging constructive situations, in the remains of urban activity, in the different ways the nature of street objects and its materials create different alliances among them: an improvised chair between two trees, left over carry boxes in the middle of the side walk or piled up cement blocks from an abandoned construction site appear as crucial details when the concept of a city becomes, in its everyday peculiarities, a bigger multiplicity, a global reality. In his work the public space is captured and reinterpreted in its emerging “programs”, in the new functionalities of its objects and constructions. Improvisation together with a dislocated functionality is for him the formal paradigm of the city today; not only in its streets, but also in the way architecture evolves on it. 

The material he gets from this walking research generates a sort of urban topography based on its ambiguities as public space. And it works as the departure point of a bigger sculptural research in which he puts in practice some of the formal (constructive) solutions found in the streets driving them in to their functional limits in the intent of making visible its constructive precariousness, the fragility of their stability.