Ignasi Aballí

(b. 1958 Barcelona, Spain)

artist's bio

Conceptual artist Ignasi Aballí subverts traditional pictorial practices in painting, photography, and video to explore new and unorthodox methods of artistic production. “I had to find other solutions, other ways to carry on,” he has said, “because those offered by painting, pictures as I understood them then, were finished as far as I was concerned.” Aballí has famously painted with sunlight and dust, removing the artist’s hand from the process and blurring the lines between painting and the photogram. His other works include Lists (1997-2005), a series of seemingly arbitrary accumulations of statistics and mantras, and Waste (2001), an installation of pots of paint and primer. His explanation of the latter, that “the paint has dried while I am thinking about what to do with it,” exemplifies the irreverence and joking sensibility that pervades Aballí’s practice.