Lake Verea

(b. 1973 Ciudad de México, b. 1978 Ciudad de México)

artist's bio

Lake Verea is the team made up by Francisca Rivero-Lake Cortina and Carla Verea Hernández. They work in collaboration since 2005 in projects that involve photography, hand-made publications, installation and sound art. Their main subjects revolve around gender issues, architecture, portraiture and archives. Since 2007 they have been working in the Vanidoscopio: a project of character portraits in black and white through which they have photographed more than 120 subjects from all walks of life and all ages. Since 2009 they are part of the project Box of Booksdirected by LA curator Darin Klein. Since 2008 they have documented the remains and ruins of Architectural Modernism in Mexico (buildings by Luis Barragán, Mario Pani or Mathias Goeritz) and Latin America. Through a commission from curator Daniel Garza Usabiaga they photographed early Luis Barragán’s buildings for the show Barragán en Contexto at the Museo de la ciudad de México and several venues in Asia.In 2009 they presented (In)Seguridad, tipos de guardaespaldas en América Latinaat the Museo Alvarez Bravo in Oaxaca. In 2010 they presented the installation “Visualización del Espacio Abierto” in the show Proyecto Zócalo at the Museo de la Ciudad de México. In 2011 they were included in the show Incidentes de viajeespejo en Yucatán y otros lugarescurated by Pablo León de la Barra at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico CIty. They had their first institutional solo show in Casa Barragán in 2014 and their first solo gallery show at Proyecto Paralelo in 2016. They are currently researching Modernist architecture in the United States and Central Europe.