Mario Navarro

(b. 1984 Tijuana, Mexico)

artist's bio

Mario Navarro’s practice revolves around the relationship between the material and the formal. More specifically it deals with the de-construction of seminal architectural paradigms such as balance, symmetry, unity and even the architect as figure. Navarro questions the way in which we perceive and understand architecture and the way in which architecture itself re-frames such concepts as perception, space or the sculptural inviting us to reflect on space, on the ways in which space is occupied and how this process helps build a specific perception of the real.

The formal aesthetics and syntax of his work stand as an alternative reference to certain classes of objects just as words do not « refer » to things themselves in Saussure’s theory of linguistics. Objects and architectures have meanings as points within an entire system of relations.

Themes such as perception, the combination of language and spatial elements, the sculptural properties of language, representation of materials and architectural re-interpretations are some of the main lines of research that can be traced in Mario Navarro’s work.